Sound Design & Original Soundtrack Creation

for Video Games & Interactive Media

LAVS Interactive™ is an interactive audio developer and producer and third-party outsourcer company for the game development industry.

We create, design and implement high quality audio and music for games and interactive media.

LAVS Interactive audio team is made up of:

An Audio team leaded by Matias Brizuela as creative director. The Audio team is in charge of sound design and original soundtracks production and audio programming, but also deals with project management, and quality assurance

A vendor management team scouting the best co-workers and audio partners all over the world, in order to offer limitless custom music and audio solutions.

Each piece of sound we craft, is the result of carefully planned stages, executed with creativity and the utmost dedication and eficiency, always looking for innovative sounds.

LAVS Interactive delivers top quality custom sound design and original sound track production, with seamless project management and competitive prices.

Learn more about our team below.

LAVS Interactive Audio

We create, produce and implement interactive audio. Our team consists of audio and music professionals specialized in the game audio field.

We focus on:

Original music creation and production, Custom Sound Design and Interactive Audio Environment creation

Implementation, mixing and programming of inteactive audio content through middlewares (FMOD™, Wwise™), or in game engine

Audio resources optimization and procedural audio

Audio Branding and original music creation for further media

How We Work

Creative Director
/ Project Manager
Sound Design & SFX Team
Audio Programming
Field Recording
&Foley Team
Creative Director
/ Project Manager

Why work with LAVS Interactive?

We will create the best sound and music to empower your idea. Also, we always focus on getting your users and customers inmersed in your creation. Above all, you will receive great and unique audio assets.

Accuracy and high quality interactive audio is what we love to do. Each project is planned and designed with cultural intelligence and global vision, empowering creativity and innovation with strong quality guidelines and efficient project management.

Besides our in-house assets, we work everyday to build an ever-growing global network of the best sound designers and composers, providing comprehensive stylistic and technical solutions for game audio and interactive media projects.

We convert sound and music into meaning and put it exactly in the right place. Matias Brizuela - Co-Founder/Head of Audio Team


Meet our team and find out how we will create amazing interactive music and sounds for your project: Below you can check a complete re work of the Valve's Portal 2 - Chapter 9. Hope you enjoy it.


Our headquarters are located in Cordoba, Argentina,
our minds and many collaborators worldwide.

To learn more about LAVS Interactive™ or to request a free
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